Baby M is one years old!

Or is it one year old? In any case, yes, it’s been a year since that traumatic day when he entered this world.

What a crazy year its been. I don’t think I have ever in my life gone through both this much and this little at the same time.

I mean. I haven’t really worked in a year. My employer let me go after my 3-month maternity leave (unpaid) because I asked to work from home because of extreme postpartum anxiety and they said no. So in that way I haven’t done much at all. 

But at the same time I’ve popped out a baby and now he’s an 18-pound boobie monster. So in that way I’ve gone through a lot!

I will write another post about what motherhood has been like because it’s a whole topic of its own.

So on this momiversary I just wanted to take stock of everything and marvel at how quickly this whole damn year went!



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