Career dreams

So I’m 33 years old and I have no idea still what I want to do with my life.

I blame it on my borderline personality disorder and my dreams that are too crazy to ever make true. And the fact that there’s too many of them. And that I have no idea which one I’d really even want to work for.In my life I have managed to get through two degrees, some classes here and there and even a TEFL certificate. I have this far 

  • picked strawberries
  • cleaned hotels
  • been a nanny
  • worked at Starbucks
  • worked in insurance admin
  • been a receptionist 
  • interned in TV and radio
  • been a newspaper journalist in two different countries
  • worked in software sales and corporate account management
  • worked on a database project
  • taken care of dogs and horses
  • been a personal assistant
  • done marketing and social media marketing
  • owned my own coffee brand business
  • translated written content
  • taught English
  • written college essays
  • and…I think that’s it?! 

I have no skills in my own opinion yet I also feel like most jobs are below my pay and skill grade. I would like to save the world. I also have dreamed of having my own talk show, working in the UN, owning various businesses…yeah I wish I didn’t have to have a 9 to 5 because it makes me anxious, depressed and miserable, but I do want to work and have a career.

What to do?


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