8 months pregnant

The mandatory bump picture. I didn’t take any pictures until I was maybe six months along – we had the Down Syndrome scare and then the accident and I just didn’t want to jinx it feeling like if I took pics then something would happen and then I’d lose the baby and have to stare at the images for the rest of my life. 

Also I hate that cheesy pregnancy bump picture shit.

Guess now I’m less of a hater and more of a “aww but I wanna remember this feeling for ever” kind of girl.

Seeing the prenatal psychiatrist today that my Ob sent me to. Guess they’ll push meds. Oh well.

And ladies and gentlemen, Google “ace score” because a friend of mine sent me this article on how Adverse Childhood Experiences change your brain and you’re so much more likely to experience troubles later on in life. Wow it opened my eyes. I don’t feel as bad anymore because it’s scientifically proven that abuse exposes you to further trauma like rape, depression, substance abuse…and you have to fight that much harder to survive.



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