Car Crash

i promised to write about the car crash I was in and since I’m on the bus going home from work I seem to have the time to jot it all down.

So on 4th of October my husband was meant to travel to Boston for work. It was a Sunday, one of those early-morning flights leaving at 6am. The day before he said he should just take Uber because he had to get there so early but I said I’d take him because after all I had this car that is gotten 7 months prior. 

My first-ever car. A pink Beetle. If ploughed my savings into repairs as it was a piece of shit car that I’d bought from a shady Cuban in South Miami.

I woke up, put pants on and grabbed the dog. M told me not to take the dog because I couldn’t take him inside the airport. I left B home telling him I’d soon be home to take him for a walk. I love that dog more than I love life.

We got to the airport, I parked, dropped M off, got back in the car and set my Google Maps to take me back home along surface roads at the back of the airport. I didn’t wanna get on the highway as I see it enough it the news that some drinker driver gets on the wrong ramp and plows into oncoming traffic and kills a ton of people – this is Miami and it was 6am on Sunday, exact time when people would be going home from clubs.

I was driving down a quiet dark road when the maps told me to turn left. There was roadwork barricades on my turning lane so I started turnig and BAM! I crashed straight into an SUV that flipped over from the impact of my little Beetle t-boning it and it landed on its roof in front of my eyes.

It was just like in the movies. Flying flipping cars and crashing sounds and hissing engines.

I was in a state of shock and it’s hard to remember what happened but I know I was scared of the engine blowing up so I turned everything off, grabbed my phone and called 911.

I thought whoever was in the other car was dead.

It’s lights were off and I realized I hadn’t seen it because it came from behind the road work banisters without lights on!

Eventually the police came and I was wheeled off on a stretcher straight to the hospital while I was trembling and crying from the shock. They took my statement and the police lady called M and I later heard that he’d been boarding in the galley when he got a call from Miami Police Department and the lady just said oh you’re M, well your wife was in a car crash and she’s in an ambulance going to Jackson Memorial and yes she’s fine. He couldn’t even get off the plane! So he called his parents and they eventually came to the hospital. 

I was taken to Labor Triage for them to get the fetal heartbeat and once they knew the baby was alive they took me to the ER. 

I spent the whole day at the hospital as apparently when there is trauma to the abdomen like yanking of the seat belt, the placenta can start rupturing off the uterine wall and you go into labor. They told me if it happened the baby wouldn’t survive as I was less than 24 weeks.

The day and rest of the week is a blur. I went home and walked around crying, hearing the crash sounds in my ears and when I’d close my eyes the BAM! Would replay over and over again. I couldn’t escape the thoughts.

I knew if I had turned two seconds earlier I would be dead. The SUV was a big car! If it had hit me I wouldn’t have survived.

I missed M. I was so alone. I wanted to drink and smoke and I couldn’t do either.

I took a day off work, went in and sat crying the whole 8 hours. On Wednesday I went in and left to see my Ob at lunch. I cried the whole way in the cab. Everything had started hurting by Monday and I had bad whiplash and bruises from the seat belt. I couldn’t move my head. I got to my doctor’s and my blood pressure was off the charts and they had to tell me to calm down to even get a measurement.

My doctor told me I needed to relax and signed me off for the rest of the week. 

I sat at home not sleeping and all I could do was stare at the walls and clean. 

I was meant to fly to England that Friday and I tried to cancel and get my money back but the airline wouldn’t budge even though I had a medical reason. 

So eventually I went. The time off was amazing. I walked around London in the bitter fall coldness and relaxed and rested and did nothing in particular. I loved it. I saw friends and yeah I had a bit of a crisis there too, my anxiety is just a bitch, but everything went well and I’m so happy I went.

I drove a few weeks ago. I’ve just started taking the bus to work and back and it was terrifying getting behind the wheel. I’m ok now though I think but we can’t afford another car. The pink beetle got written off for its extensive unrepairable damage and insurance paid a little bit of the costs but I had put in thousands! And on top of that the police declared the accident was my fault, I got a citation and four points for reckless driving and have to go to court. Yes. Seriously.

AND the other lady is suing me. Yes. Seriously. She was driving without headlights on OR seatbelt and the police never breathanalyzed her! 

So I have this trauma in my head and court cases ahead of me. The other day M was driving and almost hit a woman crossing the road and I had a panic attack while he laughed it off. 

So that was the Car Crash.


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