I’m really Depressed

That’s it.

Tired. Depressed. Down. Hopeless. Feeling like I should never get out of bed. I can’t keep my eyes open. I have no wish to live. I hate everything and if I wasn’t this tired I would be angry at everything but I’m just so damn TIRED.


4 thoughts on “I’m really Depressed

  1. Aww honey 😦 I started an email to you this morning but never finished it. You were (are) on my mind. I’m sorry today is so exhausting and down. I hope you feel a little better soon. xoxox

    • Hi hun, thank you for thinking about me, I have been reading your posts and been thinking about you too. I hope you’re well, or at least managing to survive through the days with everything that yo have going on. Remember to be gentle to yourself! Treat yourself to something meaningful and comforting – something really yummy while curled up on the couch watching your favorite show, or a Groupon massage or facial treatment, or something nice like that. X

      • Wish I could have a nice facial….I’d take you with me so we could have a relaxing day out, away from the stresses of life. xx Thanks for thinking of me too.

      • Aww that would be amazing. I used to really have a problem with people touching me (massages used to stress me out!) but I think I’ve gotten better and I actually have started being comfortable and able to relax. Not fully as I am scared masseuses see my scars or this or that and it makes me self-conscious, but I’m getting better. I wish we could go for a pampering session! Would be awesome………

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