I am angry.

Just really angry.

I don’t really know why, I don’t really have a reason per se to be angry right now, but I’m seething.

I hate everything. I hate cars (mine keeps breaking down and I have now spent over $6k on fixing that little piece of shit). I hate traffic. I hate cities that are filled with cars.

I hate screaming kids.

I hate psychiatrists. And doctors. And rich people. I hate the Koch brothers and Monsanto and Walmart.

I hate tax evaders, child molesters, murderers and rapists.

I hate wars. I hate struggling. I hate violence, meat eating, caging hens and torturing cows. I hate slavery and sex trafficking. I hate men who visit prostitutes. I hate men who have sex with children. I hate violent porn and human misery.

I hate my family members, and sometimes I hate Finland. Sometimes I love Finland, but sometimes I hate it. It’s like, it’s beyond lame to be from there, but sometimes it’s cool to be different.

I hate people who use religion to persecute others. I hate people who oppose abortion. I hate strict abortion laws and I hate privatized healthcare systems.

I hate AIDS and I hate cancer and I especially hate malaria.

I am so angry I just had to let it out. Thanks, Internet, for being there for me.

PS I think I can love too, maybe I’ll do a post on what I love.



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