I don’t think I’m fit to work. I don’t think I actually ever want to work. I just want to lie in bed watching Netflix or Hulu and dreaming of a high-flying career but not actually having to lift my finger and make it real.

Fourth week started and the Monday morning drags on. I have dizziness from coming off of Effexor so I don’t want to stand up or move my head because of the weird dizziness and feeling like my brain is slower than my movements.

I wish I had no dreams and I could just become a vegetable who wants the society to support me. A leech. I could easily become a leech.

In fact, I think big corporations and high-earning individuals are leeches; I just read a speech by this one senator who said there are tons of people earning over $60M and they pay less than 20% in taxes! I PAY THAT! And I make nowhere close to even $40k…..

What I’ve noticed in my two years in America is that this country is painfully unequal and unfair.

I paid 3% more in taxes in England and received FREE HEALTHCARE and government retirement plan and we had safety on the streets and trash and recycling was collected on time and the public transport worked. I feel like in America you don’t get SHIT for your taxes. Oooh wee, I guess I’m “safe” because we haven’t had another terrorist attack so that useless war in the Middle East must be justified….

*puking sounds*

Anyway sorry to get all political I’m just a fucking angry mood today and I don’t wanna do shit but I have to work, and I’m trying to control my temper.

AAAAARGGHHHHHHH. I just wanna scream and then go to bed and never do anything ever again. Like work, I don’t wanna work. I just wanna get rich and watch TV all day and worry about nothing.



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