Aurora Health Foundation Campaign

I received an email yesterday from the therapy center where I used to go in London, England, when I sill lived there. I am compelled to share the contents of it with you all because maybe it touches you and you feel in your heart to get involved.

Aurora was founded by a survivor named Susannah who herself had struggled with the effects of her childhood sexual abuse for years before she started healing, and eventually became an agent of healing for others in that she trained as a therapist and opened Aurora Health Foundation.

I myself received support, love, hugs, lots of cups of tea with biscuits, and most of all, healing. I went to Aurora on and off for almost 5 years so they have been instrumental in my journey and I want people to support them, start going there, receive therapy and other healing services, work there, join a support group…donate money, anything, just show your support and you will surely be blessed.

Crowdfunding Challenge

Aurora is a selected partner in a “Crowdfunding Challenge” with Global Giving UK (  This is a campaign that will help us to raise funds so we can help more victims of childhood abuse.  We are asking for your help so we can do this.

 The challenge starts on 8 June and lasts for 5 weeks until 13 July 2015.  Our goal is to raise £5000 and you can donate by clicking on the button below which will take you to Aurora’s Project Page on the Global Giving website.  The page gives information about our project and explains how you can donate.

See full details HERE

xx M


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