Almost Homeless

Once again in my life I find myself without a permanent place to stay. It’s terrible actually, no matter what I do in life, I always end up drifting and homeless…!!

This time it’s because our landlord in Miami Beach decided to raise the rent in the little studio we had with my husband M by a few hundred dollars a month, and then my stressed out, anxious hubby went off an quit his job too, so all in all we had nothing to pay the rent with and had to move out.

We have now ended up back at his parents, in the suburbs of Miami, about 45 minute drive from the Beach.

I’m sad.

I settled into our South Beach neighborhood which reminded me of Europe; everything was within a walking distance, the grocery store, the language school where I had worked and the resigned from, the dog park, my gym…I made one good friend and it was emotional to say goodbye.

I am in the same city, but I might as well be in another state; the public transport is so shit that it would take me an hour and a half to get back to my old neighborhood by train and bus, and so even the private tutoring students that I have, I might have to drop because I can’t be asked to spend that much time one way going there for one lesson.

I’m hopeless. I have been job hunting for over a year now and nothing…Well, I have been working for a year now, but it’s been dead-end shitty work the whole time, very little pay, no benefits, no paid time off, nothing.

Still not sure what I exactly want to do either. Ugh.

So we are crammed in a little room at my in-laws. But then again, we are not on the streets!

LG xx


4 thoughts on “Almost Homeless

  1. Hi! Thank you for thinking about me, I actually was just thinking about you and decided to log on to check your blog out. I also never check my emails so never really get alerts about comments. I’m just out of it every now and then. How are you? I hope you’re doing well. xxx

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