Dream Interpretation

I have had a lot of very vivid dreams lately (anyone else can relate?)

I wonder if it’s because of the new medication (Effexor) or because..of who I am? I generally have vivid dreams, and often have the same symbols or themes.

Horses, packing, suitcase, airports, horse riding, airplanes. These things are repeated over and over and over again in my nighttime thoughts!

Horses and traveling. Well, I do love both a LOT, so it kind of makes sense. Although, they can be interpreted in ways that also make sense.

Path towards life goals, wanting to escape life’s routines, and the horse symbolizing strength and power. Sounds about right.

I have a lot of cheating dreams too, hiding from things, escape nightmares, violence.

Then there are weird little symbols that are really odd. I once had a pear in my dream, a really vivid large pear. I also have had pigs, trains, buses, eskimos, snow, stabbing, weddings, flowers, beaches, malls, lots of hair dreams, exes, kissing, some sex.

Anyway. I guess subconsciously I am trying to figure out what my path in this life is, and sort out my weird issues.

I think it would be interesting to jot the dreams down, but I’ve never quite gotten to it. Well, once I had a dream so vivid and cool that it kind of made movie sense, and I started writing a fictional book based on the dream! I should post the beginning here one day..But yes, as per usual, I come up with something, get really excited, do nothing but that for a little bit, get exhausted and stop and never touch the topic again.

Which leads me to my next blog post – anti-suicide and anti-crisis mobile phone app……!!





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