Looking for Work

Yeah..I have now spent almost a year out of full-time work – first with all the immigration stuff and then when I could work I started assisting a lady with her small business and then started having these issues with depression and quit it thinking I couldn’t do it anymore, yet now having spent time home all day every day I feel like I’m going crazy.

My husband quit his job in IT with the company through which we met originally, and took a massive paycut and a job with another company.

Major stress. Bills and how we’re gonna afford to live gives me insane amounts of anxiety.

I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. I feel jobs that are below my skill-level would give me even more severe depression because it would make me depressed to do something that’s below my abilities, and jobs where I’d have to manage people or take a lot of responsibility would give me anxiety because they’re above my current ability to handle work.

There’s no winning in this game.

I do have lots of ideas for my own company or venture, but lack the funding or ability to get started.


Don’t know what to do.



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