I’m FINALLY off antidepressants! Feels Good :)

Well the title says it all. After almost two months of weaning myself off Citalopram, I took my last little halved pill four days ago, and despite the dizziness, I refuse to ever take anything again.

I really actually think antidepressants are bullshit. That’s just me, but really, no matter how high dosage I was, I’d still get bouts of serious hopelessness, depression, sadness and suicidal thoughts.

Apart from the annoying and disturbing dizziness, I’m feeling okay actually. Freer? Clearer mind? More like “myself? Perhaps. Hard to define the feeling, but it’s almost like a veil has been lifted and I can suddenly see clearly and my emotions are much stronger and I feel .. alive.

Of course I know the tough times will come again – I think I have always been prone to depression. But after 7 years on medication I have realized that a) they don’t “cure” me and b) It’s better to create a lifestyle and situation in my life where it’s easier to deal with the tough times.

Any thoughts?


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