The Monument Quilt – Public Healing Space



I was told about the Monument Quilt by a good friend and I felt like I have to pass on the information: It is such an awesome idea I hope we can find lots of supporters for the project!

From their website:

Monuments create a platform for individuals and communities to grieve and heal.

The Monument Quilt is a crowd-sourced collection of thousands of stories from survivors of rape and abuse. By stitching our stories together, we are creating and demanding public space to heal.

The Monument Quilt is a platform to not only tell our stories, but work together to forever change how Americans respond to rape.

We are creating a new culture where survivors are publicly supported, rather than publicly shamed.


Check out the website, Donate if you can, send the links round your social media networks, and keep them in mind (especially if they’re coming to your city!) and go join!

L xx



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