Personality Disorder Tests – cause more harm than good?

I really struggle with a lot of random things in my life and last night I started Googling “personality disorder test” to see if I could find some answers to my problems.

I have previously been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, but I am still kind of not sure if that’s the whole truth.

I did a few tests on a few different sites,  and was fairly shocked…I got high scores in like, EVERYTHING, except paranoid and OCD. (!!!?!?!?!!?)

So I’m a bit confused now. Well, of course, a simple “tick the box” survey isn’t going to tell me what my psychiatric condition is, but it was interesting and a bit shocking.

I scored high on Histrionic Personality Disorder – never even looked at it before but I could definitely see some similarities.

So my questions now is: Are these online tests useful, or do they cause more harm than good?

Comments please!



10 thoughts on “Personality Disorder Tests – cause more harm than good?

  1. The first two sessions I had when I started Dialectical Behavioral Therapy were test based. When my therapist scored the tests and we discussed the results, it wasn’t approached as a “you have this disorder or that disorder”. She approached the tests as a way of a baseline for me.

    You are starting here. In six months we re-test and see where you are. What have we been able to work on and what needs more work.

    If you tested high on HPD, then you can look at the characteristics and ask yourself, what do they mean? A characteristic of HPD is attention seeking. Okay. So what does that mean? Step back and become aware of the behavior and work backwards with it to the root.

    I didn’t know it at the time, but I’m so glad she didn’t ‘diagnose me’, per se. If she had it would have been another stigma I would have put on myself in my own judgmental head. I feel tests (personality and otherwise) should be used as tools for helping one know where to start or for someone to see how far they have progressed.

    • Well said!!! I like the approach your therapist had taken – unfortunately I guess if one goes to a psychiatrist they are just looking for a diagnosis and that’s it.

      I will look at the different symptoms HPD has and see how they fit – I guess I am an attention seeker because I ultimately feel like I don’t matter, that I’m a no one, and I hate that feelings, but also I like to be liked and crave for positive attention, for people to think positive things about me.

      Good comments, I really value your input!

  2. I don’t think these tests are very useful, no. They just inspire fear and obsessive compulsive thinking, and they don’t help you get better. It’s better to talk to a good therapist if you can. There is also the question of whether all the conditions in the DSM are valid medical disorders, which many/most of them are almost certainly not. Human emotional-relational problems are so complex and subjective that “diagnosing” them as distinct disorders, rather than conditions existing along an imprecise continuum or spectrum of related problems, really doesn’t make sense.

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