Connecting with the World on Twitter

I admit, I’m toooooo busy with life to actually do much social media for LittleGirlInTheRain, but today I took a bit of a time out from work and went on Twitter and it’s just amazing how much stuff is going on there!

I have read news, followed people, found out about amazing things that survivors are doing in the world, and I’m just excited for the world that there is a resource like Twitter (and other forms of social media) so that people can connect and engage with each other around topics that they are passionate about!

Yes, there also are haters, mean people, pedophiles and lots of shit going on on the Internet too, but we must act responsibly to weed out the bad to bring out the good.

My Twitter handle is @LittleGirlRain – tweet interesting stuff at me, follow me, share stuff with me, I want to educate myself about sexual abuse (for my own healing), connect with survivors and build networks of support, care and love for each other.

The world has been cruel to some of us, but together we really can heal! And I’m not being sarcastic, I do really mean it.

Love xxxxxxx




3 thoughts on “Connecting with the World on Twitter

  1. Hey u. Long time no talk. I’ve felt guilty for staying away for so long and wanted to touch bases with you. I have a twitter account I almost never go on cuz I can never figure out the strange language of tweeting… Lol. Ur worth looking up tho… So keep an eye out. You’ve been on my heart lately and wrote something inspired by your story and others like it. I hope it helps during the dark times. It’s called Divinity.

    • I know, I often kind of just don’t come online – at least to this blog – I don’t know what it is, maybe I avoid the deeper feelings and live on the surface, browsing the Internet on Imgur and Facebook and read celebrity news…(ugh). And PS – I loved Divinity!

      • Awww I’m so glad to hear that. You and a couple other stories inspired it. I just felt like we have been through too many downs, ya know?

        I also go on FB and stuff. Since my son left a month ago, I’ve been kinda numbed out and trying to find my writing mojo again.

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