Do many women choose abortion because of no paid maternity in the US?

As I settle down to do research this weekend in my quest to figure out whether I want to keep this baby or not, I have realized if I do keep it, I have absolutely no way of being financially provided for during the time I would have to take off to raise the child.


This is shit! I read that if you work for a company with 50+ employees and have been there for more than 12 months (neither of which I qualify for), they have to give you maternity leave, but (shouldn’t have expected anything less of America..) it is UNPAID.

The US is one of only 3 countries in the whole world to not have legally mandated paid maternity leave!!! WHAT THE FUCK?

I’m sorry but seriously, how many women are actually FORCED to abort an unplanned pregnancy because they won’t actually be financially able to look after the child?? I really would like to see some studies on this.

Coming from Europe…This is bullshit.

A) A woman might accidentally get pregnant but might want to keep the child. Economic incentives would definitely help in preserving that life.

B) Lots of people work for small companies. Or have just started a new job. How the fuck are they not even entitled to any leave?

C) Isn’t it really bad for a child’s development to not have a parent around in the first months of its life? I wonder if anyone has done studies on the negative effects..Can’t be good for a mom to go straight back to work and leave a newborn with a stranger??

D) What about EQUALITY? How is this country meant to promote equality between men and women if women DISPROPORTIONATELY suffer from economic and career hardship simply by choosing to continue with a pregnancy?

I really feel like I have no choice but to abort because I don’t wanna not work, or more like, I don’t want to not have an INCOME. As it stands, if I continue with this, I will have absolutely no rights for any kind of assistance of any kind, and as we just went through six months of me not working when my paperwork was stuck in the immigration system, I don’t think my husband could actually support me AND another human being yet again for months on end…………………..

PLUS what about my career? My dreams? I’d be forced to take a break and once again, be punished for being a female…(First punishment was the sexual abuse I went through and endured, second was getting raped…And on it goes..)

I’m really upset about this whole thing actually, and for someone to say women and men are equal is absolute bullshit, especially in America. Ain’t no equality here!

My husband wants the baby still, but he does understand that we should terminate, move to Europe (London..anywhere), settle down and then have a baby where the society understands that women should not be financially penalized for having a child.

A day to go…Termination booked for Monday, still undecided, but it just seems too difficult to have a baby now.

Also, being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, my viewpoint is different on these matters, and as I already have emotional difficulties it just could not work..

Anyway, should try sleep. I must decide tomorrow!!

Night night. Sorry for venting. I’m just really angry and upset.




7 thoughts on “Do many women choose abortion because of no paid maternity in the US?

  1. I can not even begin to imagine this dilemma. I had a baby last June. I have been off since last March of 2013. I was on paid government sick leave for the last three months of my pregnancy and have been on paid maternity leave since baby was born, and only go back to work the first week if July. So happy to be Canadian. No woman should ever have to abort for such a crazy reason in a country like the US. It us shameful.

    • Yeah see it’s systems like that that work, where having healthy children and families are seen as a priority in the country..I’m glad it’s working for you! You’re very lucky to live in a country like that.

  2. I hear you. I feel lucky to be Canadian like the other commenter. We don’t get much, but we are paid for a year of mat leave!

    I wrote you this morning. You are on my mind. xoxox

  3. Oh sweetie, I understand. Being here in the US my whole life makes it tough to know what else is out there. They try and make it seem like the land of the free and that everywhere else is way worse. But honestly, I want to travel and this is not where I want to live the rest of my life. I assumed that there was no insurance or help at all for pregnancy anywhere else. Boy was I wrong. Thank you for that. 🙂 I support you in whatever decision you make. Its gotta be what’s right for the both of you.

    • Oh yeah gosh other countries are on the ball….months and months of either employer, or government assisted maternity leaves and free healthcare or public healthcare that doesn’t cost much….Which is why coming here has been such a trip because I’m like, how can people live like this?! No offence but it’s just hard when you come from more inclusive societies to “fend for yourself” America.

      But it is what it is. Maybe we’ll move over to Europe to raise a family at some point, I’d like to know that no matter how sick or unemployed someone in my family gets, we’d never go bankrupt over it, if you know what I mean.

      Anyway, yeah, children may come at some point in my life when I’m ready, and this was not the time. Thank you so much for the advice and support! It means so much to me!! Love x

      • I am so relieved to finally talk to someone who can put this issue to rest. I really want to move abroad and raise my family too. In fact I have a feeling I haven’t met someone I really click with here because my ideas are sooooo different than typical “Inside the box” American thinking. I want to live more simply and am not as swept up in all the materialism and such. To reach homeostasis and thrive there would satisfy me. 🙂

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