I Quit Therapy!

I did it! I finally cancelled my next appointment with this therapist whom I’d been complaining about

I was a bit of a coward as I just left her a voicemail with: “Hi, this is so and so..so I won’t be able to come to my appointment on Wednesday….I will give you a call when I’m ready to schedule a new appointment…”

She never even got back to me! I sure hope she got the message….I feel a bit lonely, but it definitely was the right decision! Now with everything that’s going on, I just don’t think she would be able to support me the right way.

I did take something from the five sessions I had with her – she asked me some good questions like, what would I want my life to be like (made me think), she suggested I’d write the letter to my ex which gave me a lot of peace (might do that for other people in my life too with whom I never had closure), and yeah, I guess it wasn’t completely wasted time or money but nah, can’t keep paying her to sit there while she keeps checking her phone every now and then…

So yeah, I now got my group which I’m super excited about, and some tough decisions to make (about the pregnancy, really), and I can finally work and settle down; have something lined up already to get started with so that’s good.

Plus the pregnancy has brought my husband and I closer – we are forced to talk, and we haven’t really talked that much before so that’s good. He understands why I want to terminate, and I have finally made an appointment at the ObGyn at the local hospital for the 24th of March for termination so…now I just got two weeks to sort out my emotions and how I will feel about it afterwards…

Gonna be tough either way. I’m really 50/50 on this, cannot decide…I wish I could just bury my head in the sand and let it go away but I can’t of course, and so yeah. Things are a bit shit, but at least I still want to live my life which is good!




One thought on “I Quit Therapy!

  1. So proud of you for making the decision about this therapist. I think that you are just fine the way you left a message. Your relationship with your husband being strengthened through this is amazing! Makes me find hope that there are good guys to be found.
    Hopefully by the time your appointment comes, you will be more certain about your direction with the pregnancy. Your doubts need to be carefully worked through.
    Have you tried any online support groups for this, reaching out to women who have been through this to see what long term affects this may have?

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