I found a Support Group!

Wow, big things happening…

I found a Support Group through an online search (survivor of sexual abuse, Miami etc keywords) and contacted the organizer, and went to my first meeting last week!

There were only four other people there, and it was very laid back – no group rules, nothing to sign and date and agree on, it’s definitely not a therapy group but just a weekly meeting for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

I’m really really excited to have found this group! I felt at home, supported, cared about, even though I don’t even know these people!

The fact that everyone there is a survivor already kind of binds our journeys and stories together and it is just a relief to..just be yourself.

Will definitely keep going. If anyone who reads this is from the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, email me and I’ll give more info on how to join!

xx LG


5 thoughts on “I found a Support Group!

  1. yay you! What a great post! 🙂 I hope you find a lot of love and healing with your new support group. I am soooo not a group person…never been able to feel comfortable in that set up but it must feel great to have actual people around who completely understand. 🙂 Happy for you my friend!

    Do keep us updated. xx

    • Thank you! But you’re so supportive and social and communicative, I’m really surprised you’re not a fan of groups! But i guess it can be really be uncomfortable too so i can understand. Yeah my therapy is shit, So at least the group is there to help..

      • Well thanks for that vote of confidence! (You really made me feel good there…social and supportive me! 🙂

        I have trouble when people are all in a room together competing for top story. That’s what most of my group experiences have been like…not the supportive kind people you seem to have met. I think you’ll do well with this new group though, especially if the support is sustained. A smallish group is nice too…more of a chance you’ll all be invested in each other’s recovery.

        That said, this whole blog thing is kind of like group therapy for me. I’m telling a story that a few people are reading and I’m reading other’s stories that begin to mean a lot to me…I just get to choose who I support this way, I guess. Maybe if you were there, in a group setting, I’d feel more comfortable.

        (babbling on…it’s been a slow, long day…lol).

        xx Hows the puppy?

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