Old Poem I Found

I found this poem from this blog, from like 2010, and suddenly remembered all those feelings surrounding it, so thought I’d repost it!

Sometimes the Silence can be so loud

Empty room coming alive with the shadows flickering from the street light outside the window

I sit with my back against the wall, staring into the distance with no emotion in my soul

Everything is calm, I can hear my heartbeat

Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub, it goes

It doesn’t care about emotion, about action, about pain

Steadily it continues its motion, as if it were on a journey of its own

The noises get louder

My head fills with words from the past

Arguments, hurtful confrontations, bitter words spat out in the heat of the moment

Hatred, pain, blood and tears.

My soul grows weary, for those memories will never fade

They stain the history and even today as I sit still, they come back as strong as ever

Beauty has no space in this silence

It is not strong enough to carve its way into the room

It can’t block out the noise of the pain

For nice words, encouraging statements, and positivity springing from the heart

Are still too weak to obstruct the negativity

The heart does not care

It will beat in rain and in sunshine

It will spread its action around my body regardless of my feelings and my emotions

For the lub dub, I’m grateful

If I just concentrate on the steady flow of the rhythm

I will be able to phase out the noise

That fills the silence in the room

The voices in my head grow weaker

First echoes, then muted lips

The pain subsides as the hurtful words from the past have gone

Leaving behind stillness

Silence filled with the steady flow of boom boom

I’m grateful for that noise

For it lets me know that regardless of how loud the voices from my past become

It has the ability to overpower the sounds

It reminds me that yesterday is gone

And I am here today

Its strong beating allows me to realize how strong I am to have survived it all

And no matter what happens

My heart will keep beating bringing with it a promise of life worth living.


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