It wasn’t until today that I realized I am codependent.

I have heard that term being thrown around and have myself described my last relationship as codependent, but only today I actually Googled it and started reading about what it means.

I generally have a tendency to analyze myself and diagnose things which I may or may not actually suffer from, but this one hits close to home.

Not going to describe what it all is about, I am sure you guys can also Google it, but basically it means that a codependent person wants to people please to avoid hurting people, changes their behavior to be what people want them to be like, stay in dysfunctional relationships because they do not want to be alone, and stuff like that.

I know for sure my ex boyfriend was codependent, and now I know I am too.

It is partly so relieving to read something and realize oh wow, this is so me! This explains everything! But it’s also scary to know that okay, this is yet another thing I have to struggle with.

I have decided to join a co-dependency group here in Miami Beach, and hopefully it will either make me feel like I can work on it, or make me realize that’s not me and I can move on.

Any other co-dependents out there?

LG x


5 thoughts on “Co-Dependency

  1. My guy and I are pretty much the opposite of co dependent as we both try to get through things on our own, but I do know where you’re coming from. I have an attachment disorder that behaves a lot like co-dependency….I rail against it all the time.

    I think the idea of joining a support group is a GREAT idea! Maybe you can tell hubs about that part of your life (it doesn’t sound near as bad as having to explain your past!)

    Let me know how that group is if you go? I’d be really interested to hear. xx

    • I haven’t actually read much about attachment disorder but I can imagine it being similar in some ways. I don’t really even know what I have at times, just read about something every now and then and feel like wow, this is just like me! But definitely also feel like my current, more “adult” and “mature” relationship is different from all the previous ones in the sense that M himself doesn’t have “issues” as such. I mean yeah he struggles with a demanding family and he acts like a doormat to them a lot, but that’s just his personality and I don’t think he actively suffers from anything. Kind of like being the only crazy one hehe, at least it isn’t like totally dysfunctional when I’m with him like it was in previous relationships…Yeah will let you know about the groups, can’t start this week as a friend is coming for a visit from London, but will start next week! Yay!

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  3. Oh fun!! I hope you have a nice visit with your friend 😀 That should be a great break for you…entertaining and enjoying a friends company. I hope you have a great time! xox

    • Thank you! Yeah she’s flying all the way here from London for 6 days so I’m a bit upset it’ll be too cold for the beach but hope she’ll like it, and I think it’ll be really good for me to have someone from my “old life” to come here and have good chats with. We’re not super tight, but she knew my ex and helped me through the breakup and we’ve known each other for a few years so it’s gonna be so good to see her and have her here if only for a week! Have a great week and take care!! xx

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