Help with Depression

I have something to share with you guys! A very lovely blogger who commented on one of my posts gave me tips on how to deal with depression, and I would just like to post them here to give others the knowledge that she shared with me!

Autumn from Happy Health Coach suggested keeping a Gratitude Journal – writing down five things daily what you’re grateful for.

I think this is a wonderful idea! As someone who struggles with depression, it is hard for me to remember the good things in my life, and to think about things I am grateful for and jotting them down would really actually be a great simple idea.

To also quote her words:

 Another thing I will tell you is the key to happiness is this: always have something to do, something or someone to love, and something to look forward to.

Such beautiful and simple suggestions that really bring it home that even in the middle of depressive episode, no one is an island, and as a human we all have the ability (to differing degrees) to love, to participate in activities, and to dream and hope for things.

So my gratitude journal entry for today would be:

1. I am grateful for the fact that my dog is okay even though he was in an accident, and I am grateful for the veterinary care that I was able to access to get him checked out!

2. I am grateful for my ability to sit down every now and then and blog about my life anonymously so I can be 100% honest about my emotions, feelings, and struggles, and that no one thus far has ever criticized me, ridiculed me, or put me down for anything that I have said.

3. I am grateful for the beautiful weather in Miami. I love the sun and warmth!

4. I am grateful for finding a respectful, loving and caring partner who knows things from my past yet wants to commit to me, loves me, takes care of me and wants me in his life as a partner, lover and a friend.

5. I am grateful that I have been able to experience different countries and cultures, and met an array of people on this planet – I feel open-minded and aware of the world, and all of these encounters have enriched my life tremendously.

Of course it’s hard to do these kinds of lists – the little demon at the back of my head screams, “But yeah, that dude did run over your dog with his bike, he is an asshole and you should feel angry!” Or, “You don’t blog enough you lazy cunt!”

There is always a counter-argument in my head, it’s like an inner hater whose sole reason for existing is to keep you depressed, sad, angry, and keep you feeling like you’re never good enough.

Also, to discuss Autumn’s other suggestion; it can be SO difficult to have anything to do (or feel like you want to do anything), to feel like you’re worthy of anyone’s love, and to have anything to look forward to when you’re feeling down and hopeless.

But I shall try keep it in mind.

Today, I will stay busy by talking to friends on the phone, I will keep loving my little dog, and I am looking forward to the evening when my favorite TV show is on!

Thank you Autumn! Hope people find help in your words like I did!




One thought on “Help with Depression

  1. Hi again Miami! Thank you so much for sharing my words, you just made my heart skip that you would share about me on your site! I will be writing about you in my gratitude journal tonight. Sending you happiness, health, and lots of blue skies from Washington State. “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

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