Join my support group!

I blogged previously about wanting to start a support group for adult women survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and the more I think about it, the more I really want to do it!

Anyone else interested?

It could be a twice monthly Skype session at a convenient time, and I can look through the guideline suggestions that large organizations have in place so that the group could be a safe place for people to chat.

No one has to use their real names and it is super easy to creat an email account and a skype account with an anonymous name.

I would just like to get ladies together to talk, share thoughts, offer support and just chat without any pretences.

I want to hold the first session this coming week and hope to get at least one or two other people together!

Leave a comment! Email me at! Let’s do this!



5 thoughts on “Join my support group!

    • Hi! I am okay….It is coming along except I only thus far have one person interested, so not really a group yet….Hoping to get at least three people together so it would be more of a share and support kind of thing…How are you?

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