Bad move on the doctor’s part

I came to Finland to get some of my healthcare needs met as I don’t always quite trust the British professionals – plus it can be cheaper to get things done privately here than in England.

I had five moles removed as one was worrying me – it has been growing and the shape is odd and so I saw a doctor who removed all five big ones. I am leaving from here before I can take the stitches out though, and they gave me a surgeon’s knife to take them out with on my own.

Bad move. I have been really upset here and that knife is tempting me – I know it’ll be really sharp, and I can vividly see how deep cuts I could do with it, and I am having to hide it deep inside clothes to not use it…I really want to though!

I’m really upset. It’s horrible being around these people who are my family but whom I all dislike! This place makes me depressed….I really right now just want to slice my wrists deep and just end it all, the pain of the past is too much and I’m feeling hopeless…I had so much love for my ex who really took care of me and it is so sad to be so fucking alone today. I don’t have anyone to talk to and I just wanna end it all…

Too tired to type.



4 thoughts on “Bad move on the doctor’s part

  1. Hi.

    I’m from Finland and I’m interested to know that can you Finnish?

    And I’m really sorry about you.. 😦 I wish you lots of strength to survive! 🙂

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