Sexual abuse victim support in the USA

I have realized a lot of the people that I interact with through this blog are from the US….My question now is, whether any of you know of any organizations in the States that have local support groups for survivors of sexual abuse, national organizations that would point to the right direction with regards to local affordable therapy, stuff like that??

I appreciate that it’s a big country and that therapy and medical care is expensive without insurance, but also, there has to be stuff going on that might be more affordable, like community support groups and stuff….National organizations with online forums and groups….

Any help or advice is very appreciated! Any comments or recommendations even more appreciated!

Have a beautiful day xx




4 thoughts on “Sexual abuse victim support in the USA

  1. I think that it really depends on the state and even the community you’ll be in. It varies state by state, depending on the budget that the state has, the way it determines the need for mental health care, politics, etc. I’ve lived in a few places, and there has always been some sort of low-cost therapy option, and there are usually support groups. A good place to look is if you are in or near a college town, as many universities will offer low-cost counseling as part of their training program for graduate students. If you feel comfortable saying where you’ll be, I might be able to guide you further. Good luck!

  2. I follow Darkness to Light and Talking Trees on Facebook. Talking Trees is soo very inspirational and honest. Darkness to Light is more about advocacy and education. Also, you can Google support groups in your area. I found one in mine but it doesn’t seem to still be going on. There might also be lists of group counseling by city at I’m with you. I don’t have insurance so there is no way that I could afford to pay for help. I feel like I’m coming along ok on my own but I know where to go now if I feel otherwise. Good luck 🙂

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