Quit my Job!

I finally did it…I resigned! You all know how much I have hated my job –  a sort of an administrative data updater type of thing at a software company – and after years of being here, I finally handed in my resignation!

I feel free…..!

I will however be unemployed as I have nothing lined up yet, but somehow I don’t care! I could not deal with being here anymore, it is depressing and contributes to my low self esteem.

I wish I could be a writer, an entrepreneur, a visionary person who is changing the world…I did start my own business, and really wish I could promote it here as I know most of you probably would buy what I’m selling, but…if I did, y’all would know who I am, and I’m not ready for that yet.

I am struggling though, my business was my dream, my hope, my..everything, a goal in life, and it’s stagnated and I’m not selling. 😦 Depressing!!!!!!!

Anyway, a month to go and I will never have to come here again! YES!

It is a bit crazy but hey ho, life is too short to be unhappy. I have gone through enough to end up in this job for the rest of my life, it really is a waste and I am wasting my skills and experience here.





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