Hospital and antibiotics

Oh man, I ended up in so much pain I had to go to the emergency room and after some tests they confirmed I had a urinary tract infection….I had fever and serious back pain so it had gone into my kidneys as I had tried to wait it out….

Ugh I’m so stubborn sometimes! I had a friend who had said oh just drink tons of water and flush it out, so I had drank water all day lying on the couch doing nothing and wasting my life away when I could have gone see a doctor….

Glad I finally did before it got too serious, but I definitely was not well and the pain was terrible! I seem to do this sometimes, be sick or unwell but just think oh I will get better and then take no action until I’m seriously sick.

I fell down some stairs in my old apartment a few years ago and believed my flatmates who told me I’d sprained an ankle, so I waited in agony for a day to go see a nurse at my doctor’s clinic, only to be told to go straight to A&E (ER) because my foot most likely was broken. Three months in a cast with two broken metatarsals later, I had learned to appreciate disability as no one made an effort to help me out and I did all my groceries and everything by hopping around with crutches… (seriously, I lived with very non-caring people).

So I seem to have a history of not taking things too seriously which is bad as I should just go see a medical professional when I don’t feel well. But then again, I am also a crazy hypochondriac and all the time think something is wrong with me, so I’ve been known to rush to doctor’s convinced I have rabies (stray puppy licked me in Africa),  or stuff like that. I am always worried about cancer, heart attack, DVT after flying….I am just a paranoid human being 😦

Anyway so I am better now, thankfully, and will try take better care of myself in the future….

Much love to everyone who replied and offered advice! I did go out and buy 100% cranberry juice which is nasty but a bit better with some honey 🙂


9 thoughts on “Hospital and antibiotics

  1. Oh goodness! I’ve somehow missed your last few posts! I’m SO glad you went in to have that taken care of. UTI’s can go bad very quickly and it can be dangerous. I never had luck with the drinking tons of fluids and cranberry always seemed to make it worse.

    Take those meds until they are completely done okay? Even if you feel better, don’t stop the medication. It will kill the bacteria off but if you stop before you get it all out it will repopulate and come back.

    Take care honey. xx

      • Glad to hear. It is horrible, travelling while sick! Especially with a bladder infection. I’ve had some bad ones and nothing quite sucks the life out of you like a burning UTI. xx

        Hope you’re settled in the States now?

      • Yeah I’m good, doing nothing except sleeping a lot and watching tv and relaxing…should really attempt to spend time outdoors at least as I’m getting antsy just sitting on the couch but at the same time I have no motivation to do much…Oh well, trying to stop feeling like I should do anything and just trying to take it easy! Hope you’re doing well xx

      • lol! I have a hard time there too. I feel guilty when I take time off. You should definitely be relaxing and taking it easy!! Think of it as a recharge. 🙂

        I’m doing okay. Hanging in there. They’ve changed my pain meds again which has a global effect for a while. I’m not managing to be terribly productive at work but I’m getting by. Looking forward to connecting with you soon 🙂

      • Oh no, changes in medication can be such a pain! You never know how your body reacts and it takes time to adjust .. 😦 I hope it is a positive change though and they help you the right way! Speak to you soon!

  2. i think it comes from having the needs of our bodies not responded to appropriately. (Among them, the need not to be abused…) There are some things that can be ridden out without seeing a doc, and then others that should get immediate attention. But without models of how to tell the difference, it really is so hard. Especially, if you are also numbing out pain and can’t tell the difference between a broken foot and a twisted ankle. (Incidentally, a sprain is something that needs medical attention as much as a break does.) It is just hard to figure it out.

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