Writing a Book

I have decided to write a book! I know everyone and their mother is on this autobiography thing right now, but I have been thinking about it for a while as I’d like to put my thoughts down in an organized manner and maybe create something that I could be proud of in the long term.

I lack the ability to concentrate on one thing for a while so it may be quite challenging to try this – plus, I can’t really write a chronological autobiography as I can’t remember large chunks of my life, or even the parts that I do remember, it’s hard to create a complete picture of the event as I have a tendency to forget pieces of even recent events.

I would however like to collate my life story into a book of shorter stories with a message or a meaning, and I think this may be an accomplish-able task.

I’d like to ask for your opinions and advice – tips even, anything that could help me make this project something that I can start and finish, and also, something that someone might even want to read!

So comments please! Anything will be helpful!

Love, L xx


2 thoughts on “Writing a Book

  1. Might not mean much… but I would def read! I think it’s a great idea and a wonderful thing to do that could possibly help you heal, even! Go for it x

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