Motivational Thoughts

I’m really down these days but I bumped into a post on Imgur today that made me feel a bit better so I thought I’d share….


2 thoughts on “Motivational Thoughts

  1. Sometimes it’s such a quieting and calming thing to read through words like these and rest in the comfort of knowing their truth. We don’t have to take as much responsibility for the way of the world when we can know, absolutely, that people are the same everywhere. I hope you’re hanging in there and continuing to find beauty in your unique way. Sending love! xoxo, g.

    • I am hanging in here….Lots of anxiety over the regular worries of my life, but I guess it builds character, struggling I mean. Thank you for the kind words, it relieves my feelings of loneliness enormously to feel the presence of you beautiful souls in the internet-sphere who somehow care even if you don’t have to! Makes me feel loved and cared about. Take good care and stay strong xx

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