Moving out & Traveling

The day has come…I have decided to leave the house where I am being evicted from anyway and have moved all my earthly possessions into storage and packed my bags and I have one more night left and then I’m…gone.

Homelessness. Scary. I have a two week break booked so I’m flying out tomorrow morning to visit family and friends and blah, and when I come back to the UK I will have no home.

I am so sad. I loved my little room. It is unfortunate the situation with the landlord came to this – I will still have another court hearing to go to and the whole thing is a humongous mess that gives me so much anxiety I can hardly live….

Too much is going on at the same time. I don’t know how I’m still alive?! Ending of therapy, being bullied in my own home, being evicted, packing everything in and leaving the little security I still would have had just because I cannot take it anymore…

My ex boyfriend has really been there for me and I am so blessed to have him in my life!!

I try to stay positive and hope that flying abroad and not being in the middle of this shit will give me some peace. I just pray for peace…I try to rely more and more on God as I believe to know there is someone bigger than me out there who can turn things around for me can keep me sane…I’d go insane otherwise….

My therapist sent a lovely letter to my GP and it was cc’d to me as well. I cried. It said I had opened up to some extent but had been hesitant to go deeper into issues as I was scared of building trust, or something like that….

I am also so blessed to have this blog, this space where I can be 100% honest about how I feel. Thank you all for all the support you have shown me! I could not be this positive otherwise….I try. To live. To move on in life. Despite all the setbacks life throws in my way.

I really am a survivor!

Blessings into your life,




One thought on “Moving out & Traveling

  1. Safe Travels, my friend. Please let me know how you’re doing when you return? You have my email right? xx Enjoy your two weeks and deal with the rest when you return.

    Talk soon…you’re such a survivor 🙂 xx

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