Child Sexuality

I have been out of the country (in Finland) for the past week and a half so haven’t had time to blog due to circumstances – will for sure post about those events later on, but I have gone back to therapy after my trip and something has seriously disturbed me and I have to write about that first.

Child sexuality. The topic of the day in therapy for two sessions, and I am still disgusted, disturbed and feeling nauseous.

I had gone on about something, cannot even remember what it was, and the discussion steered towards children and what’s normal for kids, and my therapist suggested that there is such a thing as “child sexuality” and that things are normal for kids – feeling pleasure, masturbation, all sorts of really sick ideas…!

I was DISTURBED. To me, a child has no clue of sexual anything until they start developing physically and realize there are other uses for their bodies that have to do with reproduction and pleasure.

A three-year-old should NOT be aware of such functions. That is sick. So sick.

We argued for two sessions and I am still shocked and disturbed. He said child sexuality is different from adult sexuality, but I said no, there is no “child sexuality” – children are innocent, and should they exhibit any sexual behavior, it is because they are imitating adults or because they have been abused.

I for sure was innocent! I think maybe I was curious about where babies came from (I vaguely remember us having a children’s book with drawn images explaining this, but even the thought makes me sick now. How perverse is that?!) or about bodies (remember being in sauna naked with my mom and asked her about stretch marks) but I for sure did NOT masturbate or touch myself or invite touching to be performed on me!

He is sick, this whole idea is sick, and I wonder why on earth someone could even practice psychotherapy when they have such sick and shocking ideas about children’s development?!?!! Should I like, report him or something??

My therapy is ending soon anyway and now I am VERY confused as to whether I should even go back because I don’t trust him, I don’t like his suggestions, and I don’t like what he thinks.

What do you all think about this???



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