So I made it to Finland. Mixed feelings – about to meet my mother for the first time in years. Will be uncomfortable and emotional but I will survive!!

I miss London. Home. Things I’m comfortable with. I don’t like being here. This is the land where the abuse happened, the language with which the little girl who was me grew up with, and I’m outside of comfort zone big time.

My best friend told me she was abused by her dad too. We were up all night and she’s not in a good place. I feel helpless – how could I have not knows?! We know each other from way back when in Finland when we were both young, and she is my only Finnish friend.

I have to and must look after her. I wanna do for her what people didn’t do for me when I remembered!

Lots of confusion and feel surreal. Gotta stay grounded!

LG x


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