Missing therapy and making promises

Week three of no therapy. He comes back on Christmas Eve, so I’ll have a session in the morning of the 24th for the first time in ages. Missing it so badly as lots of stuff is happening that I want to discuss but I’m afraid that I will shut up and lie there quietly as always.

Somehow I cannot start talking. Not sure why; I used to be talkative and open and wanting to blurt everything out to previous therapists but this time….I don’t.

I need to figure this out. I have set myself a task – in 2013 I WILL sort my life out! I am tired of being a slave to my memories and feelings and the anger and bitterness; I need to let it go, for my future’s sake. I must.

Wish me luck!




3 thoughts on “Missing therapy and making promises

  1. Wishing you TONS of luck! I have the same sort of goal for this year. 🙂

    As for your therapist – I’m *sure* you’ve thought of this but what about making a point form list of the things you want to bring up as they come to you? I’ve done this before so I can’t back out of the things I know I’ll try to avoid in the moment. I don’t give any detail, but will occasionally hand my T a list of the tricky ones I can’t say and ask her to help direct the conversation when I need it.

    • Hey! Thank you for the comment, I did read it straight away after you posted but it always takes me forever to reply…apologies! Your point was a very good one and I thought about it, and then finally settled with a mental list for my first appointment after the break. I kept thinking about my bullet points and things I wanted to say and although I was so worried about being my usual quiet self, I managed to start blurting out stuff straight away, and now after three sessions I still keep talking! It feels so good; difficult, but good!

      I think it’s wonderful that you came up with a clever way to make sure your thoughts are heard even when you are not able to say them out loud – handing the notes to the therapist is such a good way of indicating hey, this is what’s on my mind, I just can’t say it. So glad it has worked for you!! I will keep this in mind and might just jot things down this weekend to prepare for Monday morning in case I am not sure what to say….

      Stay well and take good care of yourself!! xx

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