No therapy for two weeks!

Oh yeah my therapist has gone on holiday (I assume?! he never tells me anything) and maybe that’s why I am angry.

I am still not accomplishing anything at all there (usually lie there quiet for the whole 50 minutes…) but I have gotten attached to it and knowing that I won’t see him until next week Wednesday fills me with…anxiety I guess.

I really should make an effort, right? I have been going there for 10 months, and nothing at all has taken place really. It is weird. Very. Usually I open up really quickly, but this time I have mentioned the abuse only ONCE. In 10 months! Not like me at all….

So. I promise here openly and publicly that when he comes back and I go there next week I will say something meaningful and not blabber on about my daily shit. Promise.

Let’s hope this is a start towards something better!



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