I am back from Africa

Sorry for not posting in a while – as explained in one of the earlier posts, I got a crazy business idea and as a full-on type of a person I wanted to go for it straight away and so travelled to Africa two weeks ago to start that part of my business.

I got back last night and I have mixed emotions about the whole thing – first and foremost I feel very blessed and lucky to have been born in the developed world where we have working infrastructure, health care, education, clean water, and human rights….The whole time there I was just like wow this country really needs to develop, there was just so much poverty, illness, corruption, human rights abuses……….And there is nothing that one individual can do!

I also felt guilty that I complain about my life when things are pretty good actually, thinking about the bigger picture and all. I have a job, I live in a first-world country, I have food and shelter and can drink clean water, I have access to free health care and I am able to get free therapy.

There I wondered if sexually abused children get any help? I’d read in the papers about rape and child abuse, but although the men who committed the acts would end up in jail, I doubted that the girls got any counselling. It’s a real shame because I know the effects of abuse, and to come from a struggle and also endure abuse is such a hard hard thing to pull through. No wonder there was lots of prostitution, poverty, illegal abortions and women dying of abortions and childbirth.

I had lived in this particular country for 5 months three years ago and whilst back then I really enjoyed my time there, this time things were so different. I got so annoyed at there being chaos about everything – the traffic, streets, doing business….I wanted to work at my own pace, but got so annoyed and pissed off every single day about something not going the right way.

I also got tired of people begging and trying to talk to me – I have a hardened heart these days and I just kept thinking that I can’t make changes, the government needs to stop robbing the money and help its own people; it is not my job…I really got tired of it all, I don’t know why, I used to have sympathy and love for people of the world and the struggling ones and poverty and sick people but these days I’m so selfish 😦

I got everything done that I wanted to though, and so slowly I will be building my own business 🙂 I am so proud of myself!!! I am so happy that I see there being a future for me and that I can and will succeed in my pursuits. God has been good to me, even though the devil robbed me of some of the most precious things in my life through my father; I want to conquer and overcome and succeed and be happy!

Have a blessed day and evening, and if you’re religious, do thank God for even the smallest good things in your life – it is good to look at the good things because things could always be worse.



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