I forgot my anniversary!

OMG I cannot believe it just happened. I forgot M***** Day – the anniversary I celebrate every year in remembrance of the day when I remembered my abuse.

I am pretty sure it was Sunday the 21st of May 2006 when late in the night I had my first-ever flashback (and hence, memory) of the sexual abuse that happened when I was a kid.

Ever since then, I have wanted to re-claim the day as something positive instead of negative, and kind of think of it as my re-birthday or something like that.

And this year I forgot! I cannot believe. Not that I get cards or do anything significant, but I spend time every year reflecting on the past year and how far I’ve come (or how much I still feel like I have to go) and stuff like that.

21st this year was Monday – rent day – when I dragged my sorry ass to work and tried to concentrate even though I was still ill – in fact I still am! So it totally slipped my mind I guess….Oh well, there is always next year. This was my 6th anniversary, not that special anyway. Just gutted that I totally didn’t even think about it until today :O




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