I really won’t sleep now

I have done it…I have booked flights – with my boyfriend – to a far-away location for us to really start my (our) business….Yikes!!! Cannot believe this. I have really come far………

Just a while ago I was hopeless, desperate, and felt like my dreams could never come true. Then I got this business idea and as a typical borderline person, jumped straight into it, and now when everything is finalized and I am actually registering domains for the online business I’m starting to realize that there is no way of going back :O

I am proud of myself though. I am proud of any survivors who take the bull by the horns, decide to live life to the fullest despite their shortcomings, and allow themselves to dream big.

I think that the Western education (at least the one I received in Finland) taught me to become a part of the system, to want to work for someone; I never thought I could create my own opportunities. So this is a really exciting time for me actually!! I am allowing myself to dream, to plan, to take risks and by God’s grace I hope it works out!

I think maybe if I can create a big enough business to support myself I can come out publicly as a survivor, and don’t have to hide behind pseudonyms anymore. That would be awesome…

But until then, there will be lots of sleepless nights, crazy business planning and manic last-minute travel planning, and on the 30th of this month, I shall be heading to Africa 😀

Stay blessed and dream BIG. I dare you to!

//LittleGirlintheRain xx




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