I’m sitting at McDonald’s with my iPod waiting for friends to arrive. As a late bloomer to technological stuff I never really realised I could blog and post on the go but seems like I don’t have to be perched at my laptop to be able to keep this online journal.

I’m anxious. Still. Seems like this has become a permanent way of being for me. Anxiety stress worries sleeplessness and palpitations. The life I live.

Im meeting with the survivor girls from the support group I used to go. I think it’s weird I stopped going after like 3 or more years of almost monthly support meetings, but this was a decision the adult me made.

It will be good to connect with the ladies and find out how the group is. Only a month ago I was attending and now I’m more alone in the big world.

Lots of stuff going on and the touch screen annoys me. Maybe it’s best to leave blogging for those quiet moment where its just me and my laptop and a mug of coffee and my thoughts……….

Take good care xxx


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