What is a Man?

The other day I was having a conversation about what is a “Man” and what the qualities of a man are, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on what a man is, based on that conversation and further thinking.

A man is someone strong, who is caring but will take care of situations. The one who ultimately saves the day.

A man stands on their own two feet and knows what they’re doing, stable and strong, but caring and loving. He is flexible, but strong.

A man takes care of a woman and makes her feel feminine, and a man will respect a woman and knows she is equal…maybe not in physical strength, but emotionally, intellectually.

A man thinks.

A man knows his woman can do it on her own but she chooses to be with him, and he knows he could do it without her, but wants to be with her because she makes him a better man. A man wants to take care of his family.

A man recognizes a woman because she is feminine, and celebrates the things in her he doesn’t have, and vice versa. A man can’t try to make a woman a slave or tie her down because a woman will fight against that, not necessarily physically but emotionally.

A man will not use violence to prove his point, and a real man knows his worth to be better than someone who gets physically aggressive when confronted. A man will never harm a child, a woman, or another man.

A man is passionate about his pursuits, is not afraid to ask for help, but is proud enough to know they are worth everything they have built on their own. A man wants to succeed, and a man wants to be The Man around a woman.

A man knows…who he is. To me, that’s a man. a strong man.


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