I am repulsed….I randomly took a look at my reader statistics to see if there are any keywords that people search for on google, bing etc,  that refer them to my blog, and the only one that was staring at me from my stats was…yes, sickening…wait for it…

littlegirl sexual

Can you imagine??

This is really sickening and I am repulsed by how someone who was clearly looking for something dirty and illegal was referred to MY blog! The one thing I am trying to fight against and heal from is being searched online…

I mean I knew there are sick individuals with perversions and sexual affection towards children (HELLO, I am a victim of this repulsive behavior so I should know there are these people) but clearly the Internet has made their fucking sick nastiness easier to fulfill as the net offers anonymity and you can search for whatever without getting caught.

So whoever the fucking pervert was who landed on my blog after searching for little girl sexiness should be fucking ashamed and know that the fight will never be over! Your behavior is destroying lives, causing serious problems to the affected individuals in their lives and I hope you rot in hell!

Rant over. Let’s protect the next generation so that they will never have to seek to write blogs about surviving and healing but to live fulfilled lives.

To the men and women who are so sick that they take pleasure in abusing children – get some fucking help. NOW!

PS I never realized my pseudonym would attract this – I chose it because I just feel like a little girl who keeps walking all alone in the rain – rain that comforts me in its power to cleanse and wipe away tears and pain….

Have a very blessed day x x





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