I have wanted to add pictures to this dull blog for a long time now but unfortunately a lot of my pics have people in them and since I am anonymous I wouldn’t want someone to see what I look like….Maybe one day I will be open about living my life as a survivor but for now it is too personal and I wouldn’t want people to..not judge, but, like, know too much about me prior to meeting me or working with me.

I did get my hands dirty a little while ago and painted something with water colors – I am not artistic at all and as you can see the picture looks like a five-year-old painted it, but it’s just a bit of me on paper. I love deep rich colors, blue and green, images of beaches and oceans. I used to say that the only things I can draw are Christmas tree, palm tree, shark and horse. And it is true, nothing else comes out right at all!

So here it comes – the blue waters and golden sand, lush palm trees and green oranges that I ate in Gambia. My dream, and by God’s grace, my future.

Have a blessed day –



2 thoughts on “Art

  1. I love your art.

    I too am starting to add the odd drawing to some of my posts (and even have a couple of characters called Sketch and Ginger to inspire me) but I still balk at sharing my very basic pictures sometimes.

    You’ve inspired me to share more!

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