So exciting!

I have some good news – my close friend who also is a Survivor has agreed to be interviewed for my blog, and so I will be meeting with her this week and hopefully by the end of the weekend there will be a post about that interview and meeting.

I know she reads my blog and knows about the things that I discuss here, but it will be …I don’t know if it’s emotional, or scary, or uncomfortable, or all of those things, to ask her very personal questions about her journey which she has bravely decided to share with me (and the world in effect!)

I seem to meet fellow survivors – some people that I have known for years come out with their secret stories of abuse that happened to them, and I am just both disgusted how widespread it is (does not have anything to do with race, class, nationality, wealth, religion….Men and women of ALL backgrounds can be abusers) but at the same time I am relieved that I can be a part of this sisterhood of women who have endured the most humiliating, debilitating, shameful, and painful experiences in their childhoods yet you often would not be able to tell they carry these heavy memories with them every single day of their lives.

I am very excited then to sit down and interview my friend and find out about her experiences. It will be painful for her I am sure, but I already thank her for her bravery for volunteering to be interviewed – much love girlie, stay safe, and see you this weekend!



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