Small victories

I am on a cloud nine right now, and I feel happy yet somehow this all feels surreal…

When I was at uni a guy started calling me by a different name (a twist between my first name and my last name) , and although I first hated it, it grew on me and over the years I have started using it as if it was my real name.

A year and a half ago I decided to legally change my name, and in Finland this means you have to put an application in to your local Magistrate’s Court.

In my application I also wanted a foreign middle name, and the court contacted me saying it is not legal to have a foreign name, as all native Finns must adhere to strict name laws that  prohibit you from having a name that isn’t deemed “Finnish enough”.

I put in supporting statements, as I really wanted this name, and now, after waiting for a year and a half, my name came through on Friday last week!

It is strange because for a few years I have been using my “fake” name yet in my heart knowing that it is not really me, as my passport claims otherwise, but now I can finally assume my new name and my new identity…..I can finally legally be ME, the strong brave survivor who I have become over the years (my old name somehow reminded me of the scared little child I was, and also the name was given to my by my father….).

Happy Name Day to me; things do sometimes work out little by little…




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