Sexual Healing

I was on the Underground this morning coming to my office job when I happened to bump into an article in the free morning paper, Metro.  It was about a therapist named Mike Lousada who runs his own practice where he concentrates on the sexual healing of women – the paper named his clients as women who can’t orgasm, as well as sexual abuse victims.

In the article, titled: ‘Orgasm guru’ wants to bring his services to the NHS, Lousada says his work includes “conversation, meditation and sensual massage” including massage of the genital area (“yoni” in sanskrit).

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, this article and it’s topic hit close to home. I have suffered from a variety of sexual problems – perhaps too much information, but as I attempt to be as honest in my online diary as possible, and I stay anonymous, I don’t mind revealing my most intimate painful secrets.

Although in therapy, I have never attempted to directly deal with the issues relating to my wounded sexuality. Perhaps it is not yet time, and also it is so painful and embarrassing to discuss these issues even with a therapist you trust. This is the exact point where you were hurt, and sometimes the emotional wounds are too deep to even go there, even years after.

I would like to one day deal with that part of my wounded child and the effects the abuse left on the little me (which now continue even in my late 20s…..) but I am not sure at all I would allow a male therapist touch me in my vagina! The methods this therapist discusses for healing female victims of sexual trauma are just a bit chilling and I am very uncomfortable thinking some survivors would subject themselves to his therapy….

Like, seriously, does this guy think it is appropriate in any way to take a victimized woman and put her in a position where she can be re-victimized in an attempt to give her an orgasm?

Maybe a lady with a bit of an orgasm problem but with a healthy self-esteem and body image could perhaps be helped by his methods, but really….sexual abuse is a seriously crippling and traumatizing thing to happen to a woman, and to heal sexually is not easy and surely it would be appropriate to speak about it, to allow slow healing to take place for the woman to then create her own trusting intimate relationships within which to explore her sexual side?

What do you think?

– LittleGirl


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