Is violence ever justifiable?

Seems so…At least in the popular media.

Just one example is Rihanna‘s new music video “Man Down” where she is raped by a guy she met a club in Jamaica, and then proceeds to shooting him dead the next day.

The video has created controversy; it has shocked many, whereas some say it is empowering. To take the justice into one own’s hands is a very powerful act and resonates strength, especially in our societies where rape and abuse victims are often blamed for the crimes committed against them.

On the other hand, shooting the perpetrator doesn’t do much good in real life; should I go and murder the father who abused me would definitely land me in jail for the rest of my life.

What is a survivor or a victim to do? The criminal justice system offers bleak prospects for any wishing for justice and fairness, so I totally understand why someone would choose to pay violently for violence committed against them. Whether this is good for the her own soul is debatable….

What do you think? Should violence be paid for by violence, or can we rely on the criminal justice system to right the wrongs committed by sexual predators?

With much love, LittleGirl


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