Pissed off


Because on Saturday I bumped into a film online and decided to watch it. Vaguely familiar with Louis Theroux, I thought his documentary on pedophiles would be…an interesting watch.

Not to ruin the experience for others, I am not going to go into the whole story, but basically, it got me really pissed off.

In the film, Louis travels to a treatment facility for pedophiles, and by using commentary and primary interviews, he delves into what these men had done, and whether it was possible to change through therapy.

Fair enough, but what really got to me was that at no point did make a point about the fact that although the state of California spend over $200,000 a year on each convicted pedophile, no mention is made how much is spent on the rehabilitation of their victims.

My guess is, not much if at all.

So for all of us who have to daily live with the memories of our childhoods spent under the constant threat of sexual abuse, films like these are a piss-take. It feels like Louis Theroux just spat in my face with the documentary, and after the film I had to battle with really strong emotions dealing with bitterness, anger and being hurt and disregarded.

I’m not saying these films should not be made, I’m just saying that it would be awfully nice if someone built a treatment facility for us survivors to get our lives back on track, if that even is possible….

As always, please comment.

Much love,



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