I can’t remember if I have ever touched on the subject of forgiveness, but I am compelled to write about it now because it is something that I am currently struggling with.

What is forgiveness? Does is have something to do with forgetting?

I personally am not sure I will ever be able to forgive my father. Yet as a Christian I feel like I should forgive him for my sins to be forgiven….

I was recently on the plane and we experienced terrible turbulence. When these kinds of things happen and I feel like my life is outside of my own control, I start talking to God and even bargain for my life. This time I said God, if you save me and stop this turbulence, I’ll forgive my father.

The plane ride smoothed out soon after that, and I experienced this serene feeling of being at peace with myself, and I kept on repeating in my head, wow I just forgave my dad!

But now, safe and sound on the ground, I am not so sure anymore. I don’t even know if I ever could truly do it and let go of the anger and ; he does NOT deserve to be forgiven.

Has anyone else struggled with forgiveness? What is your view? Anything that could help me deal with this?

I’d appreciate views from Christians as I am one but not sure I truly agree with all of the tenets of the religion……

I think there are two aspects to this; some believe abuse can and should never be forgiven as it goes beyond human understanding of what is right. Yet some think that by forgiving your abuser you set yourself free, as you really are the only person being harmed by the unforgivingness.


Little Girl


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