It was all worth it

When I was small I used to wonder why I was here on Earth

I never saw the meaning of life and the future seemed dark

Yet revelation after Revelation,

I know my Meaning and my Path.

I am meant to be walking here on Earth

On this road that is winding and narrow

Too many times have I gotten lost

And too many times I have been close to the edge

Still I have persevered and walked on,

and now I am starting to see far ahead.

I know my existence has a reason,

and I know my feet will carry me

The journey will get worse and it will get better

There will de downhills, and there will be times when I’m forced to hike uphill

I will walk alone

But I know I will help others by holding onto their hand

I will look back from time to time

and realize how far I have come

How hard has the road been?

How much have I struggled?

But when I turn my head and look ahead of me

I will see the light, and one thing will be clear

It was all worth it.

A poem from summer 2007


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